Bekki Williams - composer of melodic, emotive, orchestral new-age instrumental music.
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The Music: Compilations - After Midnight.
After Midnight.
The Pels Syndicate Everybody
David Wright China Calling
Sylvain Carel Nucleogenesis
Robert Fox Soundtrack for a Fantasy
Steve Orchard Realm
Claudio Merlini Autumn Leaves
Bekki Williams And She Held the Moon
Glenn Main Deep Within
Richard Bone Eucalypto
Code Indigo Meltdown SE
Divine Matrix Fractal Dream
Dead Beat Project Memoires Astrales
The Dreamer Project Ocean
Geigertek Girl Friday
Bonus Tracks (Download Version Only):
Acheloo Light Dream
Paul Sills Parallel Dreaming
About This Album:
Release Date: 2012  |  Cat. No: AD100CD   |  Total Tracks: 14  |  Total Running Time: 78:40
'After Midnight' is an exclusive collection of music, with each track having been written especially to celebrate the release of AD Music's 100th CD - you won't find these tracks anywhere else. Bekki loves every track on this album, but her favourites are Geigertek's 'Girl Friday',   Steve Orchard's 'Realm' and Glenn Main's 'Deep Within'. It was hard to choose though, because as has been said by others, there's not a single filler track on this CD - each one reflects the unique style of its respective composer perfectly.

This album is available to purchase from AD Music.