Bekki Williams - composer of melodic, emotive, orchestral new-age instrumental music.
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The Music: Compilations - Mystic Spirits Vol. 17.
Mystic Spirits Vol. 17.
Marija Serifovic Molitva
Elane Golden Lace
Code Indigo Timecode
Narsilion Montsegur
Dunkelschön Nebel Auf Den Weiden
St. Petersburg Tuman, Der Nebel
Gregorian Send Me An Angel
Unto Ashes Three Little Maids
Rosenstolz Kleiner Prinz
Bekki Williams Ephemeris
Qntal Altas Undas
Antimatter Young Man As An Artist
Moonbooter Not Real
Geyers God's Gospel
Amanaska Sleep
Paul Roland Musette
Sangit Om Agua Fresca
Xperience Poison Kiss
Galileo Galileo
Sanave Urianama
Naked Raven Memorable Year
David Wright Continuum
Galahad Under The Evenstar
Avalon Spirit Angel Of Mine
Karunesh Sounds Of The Heart
Lesiem Temperantia
Annwn Douce Dame Jolie
Enam Hope
Lyriel My Favourite Dream
Neun Welten Svartalfheim
Robert Fox 3 Sisters
Rain For A Day I Wish
The Gregorians Libera Me
8000below Oxygen
Xandria Save My Life
About This Album:
Release Date: 2007  |  Cat. No: 8910493   |  Total Tracks: 35  |  Total Running Time:  77:16 / 78:26.
A double compilation album of real beauty, featuring music ranging from soft gothic to folk, mediaeval, gregorian, new-age, ambient and chill-out. This release made its way into Bekki's top-ten favourite albums almost as soon as she put it into her CD player, so you can imagine how pleased she is that she's actually featured on it! She's also ecstatic to see label-mates Code Indigo, David Wright and Robert Fox on the tracklisting with her. Her favourite track is Lesiem's 'Temperantia'.

This album is available to purchase from Amazon.