Bekki Williams - composer of melodic, emotive, orchestral new-age instrumental music.
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The Music: Compilations - The Sky Goes All The Way Home.
The Sky Goes All The Way Home.
Robert de Fresnes Claire's Dream
Troy Donockley Sights
Rick Wakeman Hymn of Hope
Gordon Giltrap Fell Runner
In the Nursery Le Ciel
Sue Martin Picture This
Peter Hammill Across The Sky
Cipher Skyward
Asana Simran Vision
Thee-Na-Shee Boundless Sky
Kevin Coyne I Believe It
Miranda Wind Lowlands
Bekki Williams Amber Dawn
Danny Holland Flow
No-Man Like A Child
Anthony Phillips Sky Dawn
The Enid Tears of the Sun
Rick Wakeman Little Piece of Heaven
Celtus Fade Away
Michael Neil Lux Gratia
James Asher The Bluest Sky
Roy Harper Solar Wind Sculptures
Biosphere Bird-Watching
Hyperdust In the Perfect Blue
Karda Estra The Warmth of the Sky
Andy Pickford The Sky Breaks
Rob Armstrong All The Way Home
Kelvin Smith Lonely Longing
John Tams Yonder Down
John Wetton Adagietto
Robert Fripp The Sky Falls
Rupert Parker Blow the Wind Blow
Mark Gwynne-Jones Three Lanes End
Nick Harper All The Way Home...
Dave Massey The Sky Goes...
About This Album:
Release Date: 2000  |  Cat. No: N/A  |  Total Tracks: 35  |  Total Running Time: 78:34 / 78:33.
A double charity album for which Bekki composed the track 'Amber Dawn' - a reworked version of which was to find its way onto Edge of Human seven years later, along with the version found on this release. Like Bekki, most of the contributors to 'The Sky Goes All The Way Home' are musicians who compiler Ashley Franklin - presenter of BBC Radio Derby's sorely-missed 'Soundscapes' show - has come to know over the years.

Added to the vital aims of raising funds for (and awareness of) Down's Syndrome, the release of this double album was also a bid to raise the profile of musicians from the local region, such as Thee-na-Shee, John Tams, Asana, Andy Pickford, Robert de Fresnes, Dave Massey, and of course Bekki. Her favourite track is 'Fade Away' by Celtus.

This album is available to purchase from Amazon.