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The Music: Solo Albums - Innersense.

Bekki Williams - Innersense.
A Breath Away
Secret Recesses of the Heart
Subliminal Sensuality
Under the Same Sky
Tears are Eternal
From the Ashes
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About This Album:
Release Date: 2005  |  Cat. No: AD54CD   |  Total Tracks: 10  |  Total Running Time: 50:17.
Bekki originally never intended the music on 'Innersense' to be released because it's highly personal to her, written as it was to help her cope with an extremely painful time in her life. Thankfully, she relented. Within days of its release, 'Innersense' received a multitude of rave reviews and touching comments from around the globe from fans and critics alike, with many citing the album as Bekki's 'magnum opus'. Tracks from 'Innersense' can be heard on numerous compilation albums world-wide and continue to hit the airwaves on a regular basis. 'Innersense' is Bekki's best-selling album to date by far.

Featuring live flute playing by Bekki on two tracks ('A Breath Away' and 'Torn'), along with some of the most moving, poignant and orchestral arrangements she's yet composed, 'Innersense' is a must-have for any music lover's collection. With this album, Bekki lays her emotions bare and gives us her most personal music, straight from the heart. The album perfectly showcases her natural gift for melody, and clearly shows her marked evolution as a musician and composer in recent years.

As far as her favourite tracks go, she can't choose between 'A Breath Away' and 'Torn'.

Sleevenotes and Credits:
"'Innersense' was composed for (or rather, because of) someone who shall remain nameless. If he's reading these sleevenotes, he'll know exactly who he is. And that's all that really matters.

I wrote this album between November 2003 and March 2005, to help me deal with something that most of us have to deal with at one time or another - total heartbreak. I'm one of those creative types who expresses herself most effectively through music, and I began composing this because I very badly needed some kind of outlet for the emotional maelstrom that was raging relentlessly inside my head for much of that time. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had the luxury of that outlet - because without it, I truly believe that I would have been struggling to retain my sanity. Not that I ever had much of that to begin with!

During the sixteen months or so that it took me to compose 'Innersense', I think it's possible that I ran the gauntlet of almost every painful emotion known to womankind. The result? The ten tracks you will hear on this album. Because these tracks are without a doubt the most personal I've ever written, and because for a disconcertingly long time it hurt me to even listen to several of them, I had originally decided that 'Innersense' wasn't ever going to be released. But today, I'm a little more objective. It doesn't hurt anymore, and believe me, that feels great. I honestly can't tell you HOW great.

I have to thank the young and talented artist, Jackie Wu (GeckoKid), for the amazing cover artwork. Simply entitled 'I Give You My Heart', it fits the theme of this album perfectly. In fact it captures the essence of the music so accurately it's scary - it's almost as though Jackie wandered into my mind and simply drew what he found there. I adored the concept right from the initial sketch he created, and as he worked on it further, I watched it grow into a striking and romantic portrayal of utterly pure and selfless love that I find truly awe-inspiring. Some have said that they find it disturbing or gory, but I don't see it that way at all. I find it beautiful.

For me, writing this album has been like taking a long, traumatic, but ultimately rewarding and healing journey. I hope you like it - because with 'Innersense', I quite literally give you my heart."

Official Review from ARFM, UK.
"Oh boy, is all I can say about 'Innersense'. It is fantastic. It's so beautiful that it hurts."
"Oh boy, is all I can say about 'Innersense'. It is fantastic. It's so beautiful that it hurts. This album really does deserve some intensive exposure."
Official Review from Synth Music Direct, UK.
"Easily Bekki's finest achievement so far... an instant classic."
"After what appears to have been a difficult gestation, 'Innersense' is finally with us and it does not disappoint. Having seen Bekki live at the Leicester Space Centre I had some idea of the quality of the album and in my view it is easily her best work to date. 'Innersense' is also more varied than Bekki's previous work and this greater contrast makes for a very impressive album. Yet, Bekki's signature melodicism and symphonic flourishes are still very much evident. 'A Breath Away' begins with a wonderful melancholic refrain which gradually builds in intensity and emotion. On most albums this would be the stand out cut but such is the overall quality of the set that there is even better to come.

'Secret Recesses of the Heart' is an outstanding piece, opening with an instantly memorable motif, vocal effects and orchestral climaxes but this is carefully juxtaposed with more subdued piano interludes and sequencing. The use of light and shade and subtle sense of dynamics are exceptional. 'Crystal (Dreams of Sea-Beams)' begins with yet another superbly crafted melody, gentle harp effects and piano before the orchestral treatments, but the innate and fragile beauty of the music is maintained to the end. 'Subliminal Sensuality' is yet another gem beginning with sequencers travelling between channels and a more tranquil atmosphere before a distinctly muscular rhythm kicks in and Bekki adds layers of sequencing and synth soloing. Possibly my favourite track but there is some real competition. The title cut is another highly emotive piece, which reminded me a little of Jan Hammer at his best, before Bekki's orchestral leads provide a perfect counterpoint to the sequencing. 'Under the Same Sky' changes the tempo with solo piano eventually joined by strings in perfect harmony.

A thunder clap heralds 'Torn' but instantly proceeds into subdued melancholia but with a strong rhythmic backbone to accompany the well crafted melodies, orchestration and piano. 'Tears are Eternal' is an intensely romantic, quasi-classical piece consisting of piano and strings providing a prelude to 'From the Ashes' which adds an air of defiance and optimism with an intensely emotional orchestral motif. The sequencing and detail make this another highlight. Finally, 'Fading' provides a gentle conclusion, the calm after the storm, piano and strings combining to create a restful and satisfying end to a memorable album.

Reading the sleevenotes only confirms that which is obvious upon listening to the music - that the recording of 'Innersense' was a deeply personal and purgative experience for the composer. It has been a refreshing experience and a privilege to hear such inspired and emotionally charged electronic music. It is easily Bekki's finest achievement so far and I hope that even you retroheads out there give this a listen too. Innersense is an instant classic."

Official Review from Sonic Sense Magazine, UK.
"A study in emotive orchestration and arrangement from beginning to end."
"'Innersense' is full of emotion; in fact, to simply say that this album is full of emotion would be doing it an injustice. 'Innersense' is a study in emotive orchestration and arrangement from beginning to end. If I had to choose five words to describe this album, I would have to select: Emotive, heartfelt, poignant, romantic, accomplished. But I can actually sum it up in only three: Buy it now."
Official Review from CDS, UK.
"It's passion that comes flowing out of the music from this CD like a river."
"For those not already familiar with her talents, Bekki Williams is a UK electronic music composer with that rare gift for producing wonderfully warm and rhythmic music with real melody - expertly crafted electronic music with lots of heart and soul, plus a strong classical element that gives it immense depth. This is music with considerable structure and style that remains very, very popular to this day, and her eagerly awaited 3rd album: 'Innersense' is available at last. From the beautiful symphonic opening track 'A Breath Away', right to the heartfelt closing moments of: 'Fading', this album will charm you all the way, and, if you're into lush, melodic works then this new Bekki Williams album is sure going to fill a large gap in your “Synth Music” collection.

Bekki Williams' first two albums blended the aggressive and bombastic melodic approach of Shreeve's 'Legion' & 'Crash Head' albums with the pure tune-laden style and rhythmic structures of the first three Pickford releases, and she came out with her own mainstream sound that was to prove popular with a large portion of the “Synth Music” fan-base. A lengthy period of time has passed since the release of her first two albums: 'Elysian Fields' and 'Shadow Of The Wind', and what we now have is an amalgam of symphonic styles that range from those of her label owner David Wright to that of the aforementioned. The emphasis is much more firmly based with the symphonic side of things, but the classic melodic leanings are still well in evidence on 'Innersense'.

The opening track: 'A Breath Away' starts off sounding very like that early symphonic romantic track: 'I.FO.' that opens John Dyson's 'Evolution' album, with its ethereal choral sounds and eerie strings, then it opens out into this huge orchestral passage that closes in one of those string filled anthemic finales, that is again very reminiscent of early Dyson work. 'Secret Recesses Of The Heart' is next up, and it's also full of sweeping symphonic strings, pretty melodies and choral voices that come from a variety of keyboards and electronic rhythms, but early on in the track, you will hear this short passage where this killer of a synth melody line strikes up and takes the album up a few energy levels and on to a higher musical plane.

After that the track takes a course that also brings that dreamy symphonic David Wright feel to the fore, with strong orchestral melodies, lush layers of string synths and soft rhythmic backdrop. 'Crystal {Dreams Of Sea Beams}' arrives to the sounds of waves and seabirds, then a beautifully romantic oboe-like synth melody backed by crystalline synth rhythms and strings takes the wheel, and steers the music on a gentle flowing path. As percussive tinkings are heard, the cyclical lead melody line sails up and glides to and fro over the top of the calm string backdrop, and it's all very orchestral and relaxed sounding.

'Subliminal Sensuality' then injects some semblance of force and cohesion into things with a good solid shuddering rhythm over some rather gorgeous heavenly choral voices, then the string synths emerge as the lead melody line rises to the top and becomes the main focus of attention over the deep and spacious backdrop. After a brief break for some atmospherics and drifting melodies, the thudding beats return and the whole thing erupts and that “feel” continues into the title track and makes further appearances throughout the rest of the album, all of which follows a similar trail – tons of tunes, lashings of strings, bucketfuls of romance and themes that sound like Movie soundtracks.

'Innersense' has more melodies and tunes than you can shake a stick at, and somehow manages to wrap them up in such a way that they come out sounding like John Dyson meets Andy Pickford meets David Wright yet still sounds original and sounds like, well, Bekki Williams! This isn't “Berlin School”, but rhythmically you do get a fair bit of strong stuff from assorted sequenced electronics, electro-percussive beats and programmed rhythms, albeit it swamped in more strings than the Halle Orchestra!

'Innersense' is the sort of album that (sadly) just doesn't exist anymore - no one has dared to make one! But Bekki Williams has, so hats off to her for producing music she feels passionately about, and it's passion that comes flowing out the music from this CD like a river. If you like melody, tunes, direction, purpose, cohesion and beauty in your synth music, then look no further, because 'Innersense' will be a godsend.

Official Review from Eurock, USA.
"Bekki’s new album finds her achieving a creative zenith musically."
"Bekki’s new album finds her achieving a creative zenith musically. The sound is absolutely breathtaking and filled with a warm sensuality that only the fairer sex could conjure. Her lilting melodies are contrasted by a dramatic layered symphony of sound. 'Innersense' tugs at your heart strings and carries your imagination away as each track effortlessly rises and falls on waves of layered, evocative effects and textures. If you’re looking for music that will lift you up and help you transcend the daily toil and trouble of life, a listen to 'Innersense' will do that for you."
Official Review from AD Music, UK.
"The eagerly awaited new album from Bekki Williams is a tour de force!"
"The eagerly awaited new album from Bekki Williams is a tour de force! From the beautiful opening track 'A Breath Away' to the heartfelt closing 'Fading', this album will, quite literally, 'take your breath away' and leave you pressing the repeat button time and time again. This album really has been worth the wait and it will touch those parts of your soul that most other music can never hope to reach. Quite simply a gem!"
Official Review from Amazing Sounds, Spain.
"A display of creativity of an exceptionally high degree."
"This latest work by Bekki Williams is also probably her best. From the very beginning of the album, we witness a display of creativity of an exceptionally high degree. The style of the release flows along different avant-garde aspects of New Instrumental music, Synth-Pop and Melodic Ambient. The music is very emotional, with romantic and also majestic traits. Bekki uses synthesizers in an unusually warm way, showing us the best of herself as a composer. This album is highly recommended for those who love the most melodic side of electronic music."
Fan Review from Mark C:
"If music be the food of love... then the music in question has to be Innersense."
"If music be the food of love... then the music in question has to be Innersense. What a fantastic CD this is. Tear-jerking, breath-taking and heart-wrenching in all the right places, this is electronic music at its very best. This beautiful album hasn't been off my stereo since I got it. Very, very highly recommended!"
Fan Review from Martin C:
"Never has an album had such an immediate effect on me."
"I put Innersense on in the car and started playing it on the way to the gym. By the time I got there I was in pieces; never has an album (and moreover, one single track - A Breath Away) had such an immediate effect on me. The breathtaking beauty and emotion that was put into the record literally tore my heart out. I had to compose myself before going into the gym and all I can say is a huge thank you to Bekki for sharing such personal feelings with us through her music. To say I was waiting in anticipation of this album is an understatement but it has truly exceeded even my high expectations. I simply can't praise it enough!"
Fan Review from Erik D:
"It's been a long wait for us fans, but boy has it been worth it."
"This stunning, emotive music moved me to tears within the first 5 minutes, and from there it took me through every emotion I think it's possible for a person to feel. I'm finding it very difficult indeed to express just how special and beautiful I think the music on this album is, but I hope that you (AD Music) will accept my heartfelt thanks for publishing it. It's been a long wait for us fans, but boy has it been worth it."
Fan Review from James M:
"Devastatingly beautiful. Her best yet, without a shadow of doubt."
"Devastatingly beautiful, and so emotive that I can't listen to it all in one sitting without my heart breaking and a tear appearing in my eye. What an incredible talent Bekki has, to be able to make her audience feel her own emotional experiences through her music. Her best yet, without a shadow of doubt."
Fan Review from Chris R:
"This album has guts, intensity and most importantly for me - soul."
"Thank you for your beautiful album 'Innersense'. I took delivery of it this morning and it's not been off my CD player for the best part of the day! 'A Breath Away' and 'Secret Recesses of the Heart' are incredibly poignant tracks, each evoked something very personal within me, whilst the track 'From the Ashes' brought a promise of hope and new beginnings. I can appreciate that it has been a very long and emotional journey for you in the creation of these works; it is evident throughout the whole album. It has guts, intensity and most importantly for me - soul. Thank you for sharing that. It's also great to see a woman giving those EM blokes a run for their money again!"
Fan Review from Ian B:
"My first exposure to Bekki's material but not the last."
"What a superb album! Obviously heartfelt but superb layers and textures and, dare I say it, 'catchy tunes!' (that's the Geordie in me.) Anyway that's my first exposure to Bekki's material but not the last.  Hopefully there'll be a chance of seeing Bekki perform live - wish I'd caught her last time she played."
Fan Review from Laurie S:
"In my opinion, the best release on the constantly-impressive AD Music label."
"The emotion and power in this album is truly stunning. In my opinion this is Bekki's finest music ever and I don't see how she is going to surpass it. Recommended unreservedly for those of you who like ultra-melodious and ultra-beautiful synth music. Innersense is almost like a personal soundtrack to a sad but wonderful film because in parts it is extremely orchestral. Possibly my favourite CD in my collection and certainly, in my opinion, the best release on the constantly-impressive AD Music label. Full marks."
Fan Review from Ken O:
"A beautifully crafted album born from a moving and sad personal experience."
"Innersense belongs in every collection regardless of personal preference. It is a beautifully crafted album born from a moving and sad personal experience. Listening to the CD is like reading a wonderful novel. One that the author takes you by the hand through a remarkable journey of emotion and experience. Note by note you are drawn into her story and you can visualize every moment of her experience. She is a rare and wonderful talent."
Fan Review from Dave N:
"Bekki's return to the music scene after an absence of many years leaves one breathless."
"Bekki's return to the music scene after an absence of many years leaves one breathless. This album is a personal cry of passion, sorrow and reconciliation - echoes of the personal feelings Bekki experienced to make this music shine through, giving this collection of instrumental and symphonic songs an edge of authenticity that will have you searching your own soul. Believe me, this is no hyperbole."
Fan Review from Simon W:
"If you liked Bekki's previous albums, you're going to have an orgasm with this one."
"My god, this woman knows how to write tunes. If you liked Bekki's previous albums, you're going to have an orgasm with this one. Trust me, I did."
Fan Review from Sarah J:
"Never, and I mean never, has an album affected me in such a profound way."
"I was floored within the first few seconds by the sheer emotional content of the first track, and by the time I'd heard the rest of the album I just sat there in total silence. Never, and I mean never, has an album affected me in such a profound way. I almost feel like I "know" Bekki now, that's how much of herself she has put into this stunning work. Innersense is a very special album indeed."
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